Denture Repairs


From time to time full dentures and partial dentures will require on-going maintenance.
There will always be the accidental dropping and breaking of dentures – all is not lost and usually the problem is reasonably easy to resolve in a timely fashion.

On weekdays if the full denture or partial denture is brought in to us by 9.00am it will usually be repaired that day.
If,however,there has been loss of components – either teeth,clasps or pink plastic – it may require impressions to be taken,and a longer time-frame involved.

Please telephone or e-mail to arrange all repairs.


Usually effective for full dentures and also most partial dentures.
A Reline re-models the shape of the pink part of the denture that fits the patients mouth.

Oral tissue changes shape over time and this often causes a previously comfortable denture to become loose,gather food underneath and cause ulcers due to movement whilst chewing – or maybe even break.

We complete a Reline of your full denture or partial denture in 1 day, taking an impression in the morning and keeping your denture for around 6 hours.
We re-fit the denture later in the afternoon.
You may find you need an adjustment after your reline – just the same as a new denture – this is included in the cost.

Please telephone or e-mail for appointments.