Full Dentures


Dentures.The term Full Dentures refers to either:

A) Upper,Lower (or both) Dentures where all teeth have been previously extracted and the patient has no remaining natural teeth on the jaw (or jaws) requiring a denture.
This could either be the first set of dentures for the patient or a replacement set where the existing dentures are old, worn and no longer fit properly.
You will see us once a week for 4 weeks.

B) Immediate Upper,Lower (or both) Dentures. In this case we make the dentures prior to the extraction of the natural teeth.The patient needs to have a letter from their Dentist confirming that all teeth are to be extracted.
We require 4 weeks to make the dentures,and the Dentists extraction appointment needs to be co-ordinated with our time-frame.
The patient collects the dentures from us on or before the day of the extractions and must take them to the extraction appointment for the Dentist to fit.

In both cases any follow-up adjustments to dentures (excluding relines and repairs) are included in the initial cost.

Appointments necessary.

Please telephone or e-mail for prices and appointments.