WINZ Quotes

WINZ QUOTES are readily available for all replacement Full Dentures and first dentures where extractions have already been carried out.

All Immediate Full Dentures, Immediate Partial Dentures and Partial Dentures require a Treatment Plan from the patients Dentist,confirming exactly what type of denture will be necessary,before we can issue a WINZ quote.

INSURANCE CLAIMS are easily processed for the patient by us.
First a claim number needs to be obtained from the Insurance Company,by the patient.

Bring this claim number,the 0800 telephone number and the name of your Insurance Company to the first appointment.
We will take your claim for replacement full dentures or partial dentures from there.
It is a good idea to establish if an excess is payable and how much that will be.
If an excess is payable that amount is normally payable to us when we fit your replacement dentures.

EFTPOS and CREDIT CARDS are accepted for ease of payment.
Visa and Mastercard only please.